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    Wednesday, 9 October 2013. 11:08 PM

    Haven't blogged for an entire month and my holidays are already over. Gpa was good but not up to my expectations :( I need straight As for this semester oh well.

    Had a bad fall and i had injuries all over my body. It was a bad August :( Couldn't remember exactly what i did during september... Celebrated pc's birthday with classmates at the farm mart and i definitely remember going ktv and drinking 2 days before my accounting paper a few days after butter fac hahaha it was an insane night really. Hang out with Gerine almost everyday as usual and didn't party for the entire holiday!

    Discovered a new place for food- Golden mile for mookata. I'm totally in love with mookata~ Not forgetting my all time favourite sashimi yay. Finally managed to meet Clare during the holidays because we've been forever planning to go out together ever since we know each other in school ╮(╯_╰)╭

    Decided to go town and have sushi express then tour around town. The trip to A&f with her was totally hilarious HAHAHAHA i shall not embarrass her here.

    I've basically been going to sushi express every 4 days out of 7 days during the holidays HAHAHA. Bumped into irene and laytin once and we pathetically sat at mac for an hour after that.........

    Met K and the rest at chompchomp area for ktv and drinks the night before my f1 training. Almost died the next day. I didn't sleep a wink and i travelled to simei to suffer the whole day. Straight ko on my bed when i reached home in the late afternoon. I'm never doing this again.

    Chanced upon C during f1 and ever since then we've been ranking up the past. Wonder what i was thinking when i was 16 man.... Uhm Met one of my busy cousin after our f1 work was completed. F1 totally drained everyone out. I camped at home for 3 straight days after f1 ended and thank god i sold the JB's tickets. Met her at ion and we shopped around.

    Then i decided to go food hunting again. Cabbed over to Book Cafe and chilled there for quite a while. The ambience there was really good. Both us were falling asleep despite drinking coffee LOL. It was too early to call it a night so we cabbed over to Timbre ^-^ Love the music there!

    Met T for conjuring and i suffered for the rest of the month. I hate conjuring for making me cover my legs with blanket for the whole night no matter how hot the weather is. Poor Gerine had to suffer with me HAHAHA i was so scared that i couldn't go home alone after our midnight smurf movie. We had to cab home and she had to follow me up to my place. It was so exaggerating. I forbid her to leave until i take off my shoes, lock and close my door. HAHAHAHA

    Headed to Msia with Gerine with her little sister to have my Tangshifu. Finally cravings satisfied! Er and i couldn't remember what we did other than having tangshifu.......... yeah.

    Had a short catch up with W. Both of us were like lost sheeps on the road because we've no idea how to drive to chompchomp and obviously the gps was messing with us too.

    Went to westmall to watch The purge because we thought it was a horror movie -_- more like a horrible movie. It should be one of the top 10 bullshit movie lol. Whereas mortal instrument- City of bones is the best movie i've caught so far during the holidays hehe.

    Had a family day on a Sunday. We went all the way to expo just to get baby a new laptop. And the great sister me bought her cake and perfume for her 13th birthday as a surprise yay.
    Saturday, 31 August 2013. 4:58 PM

    Finally beat my laziness and start blogging again.  Met my fangfang on a friday one month ago i guess at Imm. Had a super hard time trying to figure out how to go over to imm zzz. Walked around jem and then went over to town to have our sushi express yay!!!! Honestly town is very boring lol and we went home very early.

    Headed over to Jb with B the next day to get my contact lenses (which my mom threw 1 of it away -_-) and watched pacific rim too. Gosh the movie was nice.

    Following week: Genting trip with couzzie was great. Except the fact that i've only brought skorts along and i was freezing to death when we arrived at 4 or 5 AM and the temperature was really super cold probably 10degrees or something. The cold wind made it worse.

    Looked horrible the next day because i only had 3 hours of sleep and couzzie was waking me up at 9AM because she was so excited to go to the theme park (which the theme park closes at 9PM or something). The sleepy me refused to wake up so early and she attempted to unlock my phone so many times that caused my phone to lock itself.

    The minute she showed me that my phone was locked by itself and needs my google account to unlock it, i jumped out of bed in 0.00000001 second LOOOL. Honestly i couldn't remember my google account or pw whatsoever. Thank god i figured it out. Starbucks hot coffee and sandwich to start off the day then off to theme park!

    (fucking suicide ride, really.)

    Tried all the craziest rides in the theme park. Including the 360degrees roller coaster i think we went up twice or something HAHAHAHA. Had pizza and cotton candy for our lunch. Also went to the temple to pray hehe. My wish: my family can all be healthy and happy + i will pass with flying colours for my studies ^-^ er i think maybe i also wished that i can become prettier. lol

    Throughout the whole genting trip, the most torturing part was the bus ride which took around 6hours+. I still happily thought that genting is somewhere between jb and kl so it won't be so far... fact is it's even further than kl -_- And the thing i love was the polaroids we took together hehe

    ni yao wo de fat cheeks ma

    3 more days to freedom and it's my holidays hehehehehe ugh but i am not looking forward to accounting paper.

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